quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2012

soo.. this used to be a fashion blog, riight......?

Estou com tantas saudades de passar horas a ler Sábado's e Visões (Visão's?) e Elle's... Exam free life, please come back, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
Miss spending hours reading fashion blogs and magazines, fashion and art and economics related or not, SO DAMN MUCH. Exam free life, please come back, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Novas fotografias num futuro muito próximo, prometo!!
Sem nada mais interessante para dizer devido ao facto de ter que passar grande parte do meu tempo com a cabeça nos livros, me despeço! :)
Photos will be out soon, I promise!!
With nothing exciting happening in my life due to this small fact, i bid farewell!

Keep fashion and carry on!

ps.: This is my new farewell, like it? Fitting hein???
ps2.: In one month of blogging I only had one very sad and lonely comment, so if any of you out there would like to express your likes or dislikes, feel free to do so!!! (you know who you are...)

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