segunda-feira, 2 de abril de 2012

weekend on instagram

Brigadeiros: way too many were murdered this weekend/
 Print from my pyjama pants, form Etam (isn't it beautiful??)/
 In looove with these end-of-shirt-colar things. Not sure how to bring them into the blog, as my favourite shirt has been so many times in this blog that I don't dare to bring it up again in the next shoots/
Studying for my driving licence. Urghh/
Went to one of the best restaurants in town for the birthday of one of my best friends. So classy!

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  1. Em inglês chamam-se studs. Traduções do google para "stud": viga botão esteio rebite barrote caibro estai munhão tachão.
    Hehehe there you go :p